Saturday, February 28, 2015

USA Today: "For Bill O'Reilly, the facts are a factor"

USA Today ran a fairly remarkable editorial. It says that Fox News should distance itself from their highest rated...whatever he is, Bill O'Reilly, but that they won't.  Why? Because Fox isn't in the truth business. Fox is in the business of telling right wingers what they want to hear, or as USA Today puts it, "Fox News was not created to be neutral but rather to feed a hunger among conservatives for a network they could relate to."  

So, there will be no consequences for serial fabulist O'Reilly, they say:

"It's unfortunate that neither the network nor its star sees a need for allegiance to the truth. But for O'Reilly and Fox, the perceived vast liberal conspiracy that helped create the network two decades ago means not having to say you're sorry today."

USA Today has by far the highest circulation of any newspaper, at over 4 million, and they just launched a broadside at the biggest cable news show on the biggest cable network, accusing them of having no respect for the truth.  That's saying, in essence, "you are not in the journalism business."  And at the same time, USA Today expects no reaction from Fox, who refused even to comment on the editorial.  If the mainstream media are now comfortable calling Fox what it is not--journalism--will they begin to call Fox what it is--right wing propaganda?

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