Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Daily Pulp: Bob Norman's Blog - Bill O'Reilly Nails Robert Wexler

Congressman evades CC&Rs?: "Bill O'Reilly did a good number on 'local' Congressman Robert Wexler tonight. And I think Wexler is in a bit of trouble. You see, the longtime Democratic rep says he lives in Delray Beach and he's required to maintain a residence in his district. But he really lives in Potomac MD. The house in Delray that he calls his 'offical residence' is owned by Lawrence and Roslyn Cohen, the parents of Wexler's wife, Laurie. And it's in a restricted over-55 community, which makes it impossible for Wexler and and his three children to reside there."
Somebody has some explaining to do.

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