Sunday, May 4, 2008

Irony of the Week Department

Darwin, Australia, men climb over protective fence in order to fall down cliff, live to impact gene pool : "A DARWIN man broke his leg and his mate got stuck in a tree when they both ended up over a cliff early yesterday. Police, fire and ambulance services spent two hours retrieving the first man, who fell over the cliff at Lameroo Beach, along Darwin's The Esplanade. Police said the second man climbed down to help his friend before coming to grief in the tree. 'Two of them ended up down there,'' Senior Sergeant Garry Smith, of Darwin Police said. 'One ended up getting stuck. Both males appeared to have climbed over the protective fencing above Lameroo Beach and were sitting on the cliff face when one slipped and fell. 'The other has gone down to rescue him and slipped, becoming lodged in a tree."
Darwin must be spinning like a top right now.

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