Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hanging with Biden too much?

Obama Repeatedly Quotes Cartoonist While on Campaign Trail - America’s Election HQ: "On Tuesday, for the third time in four days, Obama borrowed a lengthy bubble quote from Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles. He did not acknowledge the origin of the quote the first time he used it and credited the cartoon only after the Post contacted the Obama campaign to ask about the first use."
Obama is good enough with words that he sure doesn't need to plagiarize, but maybe he is hanging with Biden. Biden got caught stealing an entire family history from British PM Neil Kinnock. He combined plagiarism and lying. Now here is The One getting his big speech lines from Tom Toles. Add this to the 8th grade pig-with-lipstick gaffe and his obvious anger at the way the polls are going and it seems he is in danger of the wheels falling off. Too early to say, and things could swing the other way, but McCain and Palin look strong and happy and Obama looks freaked out and seriously ticked off, while Biden is...Biden. As Marc Steyn says, after the last week he may be back to smoking two packs a day by now.

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