Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Love

Psycho hammers subway passenger | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/09/2008: "For five long minutes, SEPTA surveillance cameras captured the deranged attacker - who was still on the loose late last night- digging his hammer into the man's head and neck.

Through it all, disgusted investigators said, at least 10 passengers stood by and did nothing as the random attack moved from the train to the platform, when the hammer-wielding maniac tried to push his victim down onto the train tracks.

When the beating was finished and the suspect fled with the little boy, the victim staggered back onto the train, bloodied, confused and alone, said Detective Kenneth Roach, of Central Detectives.

And even then, no one tried to help him."

I guess the cops showed up eventually. The bystanders did nothing. Any more questions about why people need the right to carry firearms?

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