Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Post--Introduction

I teach Political Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago and also teach a course at the John Marshall Law School from time to time. This blog is for the students in all my classes. I will be posting things that you might find interesting and helpful for whatever class you are taking from me. Right now we are in the Spring 2008 semester at UIC and I am teaching two courses:

1. Political Science 101 -- Introduction to American Government
2. Political Science 354 -- The Constitution and Civil Liberties

I will indicate which course a post is about by POLS 101 or POLS 354, and if I'm teaching my JMLS course, I'll head it RE 617. That course, by the way is called The Law of Condominiums, Cooperatives and other Common Interest Communities and is taught in the Real Estate Program. If that subject interests you, check out my other weblog, called "The Privatopia Papers," at

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