Saturday, June 21, 2008

Can you spell HUBRIS?

Barack Obama gets his own nifty Great Seal; all he needs now is votes | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times: "Obama now has his own Great Seal already. And it is really, really big. It's big like the tires on those elevated pickups in the parking lot at NASCAR races where you look out the car window and see nothing but fist-sized lug nuts. Obama's new seal looks really presidential, which is probably a coincidence, don't you think? Obama's seal has an eagle just like the president's seal and he or she is holding arrows to signify war, which Obama was against before it even started. And it's got olive branches, which stand for peace, which we haven't really had since 9/11 but DailyKos promises will come as soon as we shoo out Bush and Cheney. The seal's also got a terrifically impressive motto in Latin -- 'Vero Possumus' -- which means 'The possum speaks truthily.' No, just kidding. It actually means 'Truly we're able,' which translates as 'Si se puede,'"
If we had an independent press covering this campaign, they would be asking what this says about Obama. He hasn't finished a term as Senator, much less won the election, and he has already given himself a presidential seal. I have to admit that it goes well with the halo the press gave him.
Here we have the first presidential candidate from either major party who opted out of the public financing system, and it is like that never happened. He calls himself a reformer. Can anybody in the major media find a story here?

I guess not.

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