Monday, June 23, 2008

Feminist icon was a lousy mother--is this a surprise?

How my mother's fanatical feminist views tore us apart, by the daughter of The Color Purple author | Mail Online: "She's revered as a trail-blazing feminist and author Alice Walker touched the lives of a generation of women. A champion of women's rights, she has always argued that motherhood is a form of servitude. But one woman didn't buy in to Alice's beliefs - her daughter, Rebecca, 38.

Here the writer describes what it was like to grow up as the daughter of a cultural icon, and why she feels so blessed to be the sort of woman 64-year-old Alice despises - a mother."

This is a sad story. Alice Walker treated her daughter like an unwanted pet, leaving her on her own for months at a time so the great feminist author could go globe-trotting and pen her words of wisdom. Her daughter now has a few words of her own about her mother.

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