Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama Campaign Drops Faux Presidential Seal - Advertising Age - Campaign Trail

Obama Campaign Drops Faux Presidential Seal : "Last week, Barack Obama unveiled a new campaign seal -- and not the kind that swims, barks and balances balls on the end of its nose. Rather, it was the kind that has a big old eagle on it and some Latin (Vero possumus, which translates very loosely to 'Yes we can'). It's also a seal that combined elements of Richard Nixon's White House police uniforms and George W. Bush's 'Mission Accomplished.' And it went over about as well. Andrew Malcolm at the L.A. Times had some fun with it. And Mickey Kaus predicted it would be disappeared over the weekend. His exact words were: 'But unless David Axelrod is insane, the thing will never be seen again.' Kaus was right. While we don't have full details, someone at Obama's press center, when asked if the seal would be used going forward said simply, 'No.' "
I am interested in seeing whether voters continue to like Barack Obama as they learn more about him and what kind of person he is. Living in Illinois and teaching Political Science, I pay attention to things like that. I think he is supremely ambitious, arrogant, narcissistic (how many people manage to write two autobiographies by age 45?), unbelievably manipulative, and willing to say and do absolutely anything to succeed. This phony presidential seal is evidence of an ego that knows no bounds. He is in love with himself, and he firmly believes that everybody else is or should be as well. His main advantages in this campaign are his obvious intelligence, his speaking ability, his looks, the nation's deep desire to repudiate George W. Bush and everything they associate with him, and a national news media that fawns Obama to the point where it is embarrassing to watch. You just want to ask them to get a room. But over the next few months, and especially after Labor Day, the public will focus more closely on both Obama and McCain, and we will see how each of them fares.

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