Monday, March 10, 2008

2News' Exclusive Interview With Sen. Barack Obama

2News' Exclusive Interview With Sen. Barack Obama: "'Senator Clinton hints that both of you could be on the same ticket. Do you see any circumstances where that would happen?' Mullahy asked.

'Not with me as vice president,' Obama replied.
'I am running for president.'

'If she is suggesting that she is interested in the vice presidency, then obviously that is something we would take into consideration,' he added."

POLS 101:
Bill and Hillary Clinton have been floating publicly the idea that after she steals--I mean wins--the nomination, Hillary will magnanimously extend the VP slot to Obama. But Obama isn't having any of that, and calls BS on it, as he should, because he is solidly ahead. For Clinton to talk about Obama as VP after she just lost (by my count) 13 out of the last 16 state contests, leaving her so far behind that she can't possibly catch him in pledged delegates, is a new high in chutzpah, even for a Clinton.

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