Monday, March 3, 2008

Court may consider broadcast decency rules - The Boston Globe

Court may consider broadcast decency rules - The Boston Globe: "WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court this week may reopen for the first time in more than 30 years the debate over what qualifies as an 'indecent' broadcast...The issue before the court now is delicately described as the problem of 'fleeting expletives' in over-the-air broadcasts, which are still regulated. Television viewers who watch some of the entertainment industry's award shows may be familiar with the phenomenon."

POLS 101:
The Federal Communications Commission licenses broadcast stations to use particular frequencies, and requires them to avoid "indecency" as a condition of keeping those licenses. Celebrities delight in dropping "F-bombs" here and there to show how cool they are and get free publicity. What should happen to the station that broadcasts it?


Jonathan said...

The celebs should being paying the fines! But if we won't punish celebrities for driving drunk or abusing illegal drugs, how on earth are we going to reprimand them for having a "potty mouth"???

Evan McKenzie said...

Good point. I think the idea is to sanction the station or network and hope that they in turn try to keep the potty mouths in line. But the programmers want the celebrities, so they won't do anything to them. Maybe somebody should stand by just offstage with a Taser.