Friday, March 28, 2008

Clinton runs right in ‘hillbilly firewall’ -

Clinton runs right in ‘hillbilly firewall’ - "WASHINGTON (Map, News) - Hillary Clinton, whose liberal voting record is almost indistinguishable from Barack Obama’s, is now running to the right of him by reaching out to conservatives while her husband courts rural white moderates.

Bill Clinton has taken to calling himself Hillary’s “rural hit man” as he campaigns in the Appalachian regions of states that will soon hold primaries, including Pennsylvania and Kentucky — what Examiner columnist Chris Stirewalt dubbed Hillary's “hillbilly firewall.”"

Yee haw. This is amazing. In the year 2000, Hillary Clinton pretended to be a New York Yankees fan, despite growing up in the Chicago area and living most of her adult life in Arkansas and Washington, DC. Now she is going for the redneck vote despite being a wealthy liberal feminist. What next? Will she drive around in a pickup truck wearing a "Git 'er done!" tee shirt, spitting tobacco juice out the window while Trace Adkins plays on the 8-track?

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