Thursday, March 20, 2008

Worsening polls reveal Obama's pastor problem

Worsening polls reveal Obama's pastor problem:

The Jeremiah Wright situation is hurting Obama in the polls. If you read far enough down in this story you will see that Clinton's people are trying to sway the superdelegates by arguing that the Wright situation makes Obama unelectable in the general election.
What do you suppose will happen if the party picks Clinton over Obama, even though he will have won more delegates in the primaries and caucuses, and the reason is his participation in this church with this pastor? It is worth thinking about that. I believe the superdelegates are thinking about it.


Jonathan said...

Do you think there are people that voted Obama in the early primaries that are now regretting their vote in light of this new controversy?

I could see a whole bunch of people switch their vote if Obama wins the primary. But, we'll see that with the Democratic party no matter what. This drawn out and dirty Democratic primary has done nothing but hurt the party. The polls are already showing it... I don't think the electorate wants a candidate mired by controversy; both Democratic candidates will have a tough time cleaning up their names no matter who wins the nomination.

Evan McKenzie said...

The Obama-Clinton combat is definitely hurting both of them. The polls show McCain now ahead of either one. And the Democratic Party could end up having a major blowup at the convention if the party leaders don't persuade one of them to concede to the other. The logical one to concede is Clinton because she's behind in the delegate count, but there are no signs of that on the horizon.