Friday, March 14, 2008


THE NEW REPUBLIC: Making Obama Unelectable: "She needs to convince the remaining uncommitted superdelegates to split for her by about a 2-to-1 margin. The only way she can get a split like that is if she can persuasively argue that Obama is unelectable. And the only way she can do that is to make him unelectable. Some people have treated this as an unfortunate byproduct of Clinton's decision to continue her campaign. It's actually a central element of the strategy. Penn is already saying he's unelectable. It's not true, but by the time the convention rolls around, it may well be."
This analysis says that Clinton's strategy is to trash Obama so badly that by the time the convention rolls around he will be unelectable as president. That leaves her. Charming.


Anonymous said...

So... Hillary Clinton could, at this point, go down in history as not the first female presidential nominee but as the person who made the first entirely "electable" African-American nominee absolutely "inelectable."

Also, if anyone hasn't seen this yet.
Keith Olbermann's special comments from last Wednesday:

Mind you: back in the 90s this guy got fired for not wanting to cover the Lewinsky scandal. So he's definitely in the Clinton's corner.
This is big...

Chris Hollander

Evan McKenzie said...

Yes. It is big. And it is growing and unfolding day by day, right in front of us. It is like watching two trains headed for each other and nobody can do anything to stop them.