Thursday, August 7, 2008


Have the Clintons Gotten Over It? - TIME: "In private conversations, associates say, Clinton remains skeptical that Obama can win in the fall. That's a sentiment some other Democrats believe is not just a prediction but a wish, because it would prove her right about his weaknesses as a general-election candidate and possibly pave the way for her to run again in 2012. Clinton is also annoyed that Obama has yet to deliver on his end of an informal bargain, reached as part of their truce, that each would raise $500,000 for the other. 'Hillary has done her part in that regard,' says an adviser. 'Obama has not.'"
And she seems to be insisting on having her name placed in the running at the convention, and a roll call vote. People are starting to take note that His Magnificence hasn't been able to break 50% in the polls yet and wondering if that will continue until the general election. And here is Clinton, finding subtle ways to say, "I told you so, and I'm still here..."

It seems inconceivable that Obama could be unseated as the Democrat nominee, but anything is possible.

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