Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama the reformer

Transcript: David Fredoso, author of The Case Against Barack Obama: "DF: Well you know, this is very typical, just like those other things, just like what you’re talking about now, the enormous raise, she [Michelle Obama] got a $200,000 dollar raise right after he was elected to the United States Senate, and he proceeded a year later to earmark a million dollars for her employer [the University of Chicago]. And people can decide for themselves what that looks like. I think it is an appearance of impropriety anyway. But you hear Senator Obama talk a lot about how the problem in Washington is that people with good lobbyists and good connections, and who donate the most money, always end up getting what they want. Well, I would submit that the reason for that is there are so many politicians like Senator Obama, because that’s basically what he’s done throughout his entire career. It’s a really remarkable and audacious claim he makes about hope and change, just considering how he is right up there with all of the worst practices that he criticizes. He’s performing them. He votes for the Bridge To Nowhere, whose purpose was the funnel millions of dollars to contractors who would build it, and to help people whose land values on a worthless island in Alaska with no people on it, so that their land prices would suddenly explode."
This link goes to the transcript of this two-hour interview. If you don't know how Obama got elected to the state senate, or the US Senate, or his relationships with questionable people, or his evasive legislative practices, or much else because the press refuses to cover it, you can get the general idea from this interview.

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