Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why McCain chose Palin

John McCain recognizes strength of character when he sees it. He learned more about that then we will ever know while he was a POW. He saw it in Sarah Palin. She can stand up to the savage attack on her character that the Democrats are already launching. On the other side of the fence, Barack Obama is an solipsist and poseur who proved he cannot judge people intelligently when he picked dunce Joe Biden as his VP. Apparently O thinks that Joe complements him. In fact they are similar, being a pair of self-aggrandizing Senator-for-life gasbags who think talk is reality.

I don't know what the electorate will do in November. Count on Obama to have a great GOTV effort that could make the difference. But McCain has energized his base with the Palin pick, and every sleazyball effort by the Obamaniacs to crush her will only galvanize them more, so who knows.

My thought is that about four to six weeks before the election the voters will shift one way or the other, and that will be that.

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