Monday, August 4, 2008

What do you mean, "if"?

The Rosett Report » Please Lay Off the Kool-Aid, Mr. President: “If North Korea were to end up with a nuclear weapon, it would be very destabilizing and very troubling for all of us.” – President Bush, July 30, 2008, Interview with China Central Television (Yes, this week he really said that)

“If” –?? What is Bush talking about? That ship has sailed. That train has left the station. That bomb is out of the bag. North Korea already has a nuclear weapon, and more likely it has a number of them.

I hope and trust this is some complicated diplomatic double-speak designed to produce some mysterious and subtle effect. Maybe it has to do with their promises to dismantle their weapons (does anybody believe that promise?). Or maybe President Bush was misquoted. Or...I hesitate to speculate further.

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