Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Anti-American angst from Obama » Obama to 7-Year-Old: ‘America Is No Longer What It Could Be, What It Once Was’
In which Obama manages to be both inarticulate, inane, and inappropriate at the same time. You don't say things like that to a 7 year old. Period. And given how far this clown has gone while contributing so little, I don't see what he and his whiny wife are complaining about. His kids are living in luxury; they live in a mansion their daddy acquired due to his sleazy political connections; their father is a Senator who has gotten rich and famous by writing about himself and not much else; their mother has a huge paycheck...which of the above does this empty suit not want for his children, exactly?

Life in this country has never been better than it is today, and anybody who doubts that should come up with a time when it was better. And life here is better than anyplace on earth.

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