Monday, August 4, 2008


Pedestrian accidents are a 'huge problem in the city' :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: News: "Here's a sobering fact to consider when you're out for a walk -- on average, 71 pedestrians are killed and 930 are seriously injured every year in Chicago. Nearly one-third of the accidents are hit-and-runs."
So we have 2 or 3 serious injuries per day, and one or two fatalities every week. I'm not surprised. I walk from Union Station to UIC, and I have to dodge idiot drivers all the time. They act as though there are no pedestrians or bikes around. Blowing red lights at high speed is routine. Fifty mph down Jackson toward the loop. Turning right without stopping at the light. Talking on cell phones. Turning from the wrong lane. Blocking crosswalks.

Where are the cops, may I ask? Has anybody ever seen them issue a traffic citation, or is that perhaps somebody else's job? I see them going in and out of the 7-11, so I know they exist.

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