Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Brazil considers possible Amazon invasion scenario | Reuters

Brazil considers possible Amazon invasion scenario: The Wackiness of Nations?: "'There is no country threatening Brazil but we need a dissuasive power for the remote possibility (an invasion) could happen,' Jobim told the news conference."
I would defer to my colleague Brandon Valeriano on this, but my initial impression is that it proves that people are nuts. Can you imagine trying to invade Brazil by hacking your way through the Amazon? In order to get to where the people of Brazil live, an invader would have to cross the 7 million square kilometers (1.2 billion acres) of the Amazon rain forest. The population density approaches zero there, unless you count snakes longer than your car, spiders bigger than your head, fish with teeth like a coffee grinder, insects that carry horrific diseases you can't pronounce, and jaguars that you can't hear until they have their jaws around your skull. The only rational explanation I can come up with is the fear that Columbia (helped by the US) will try to steal some of the rain forest and Brazil will have to defend its far-flung borders. Imagine for a moment the cost of policing that border. It would make the US-Mexico border issues look like two kids drawing a line with their fingers in a sandbox. In other words, nobody wants to invade Brazil, and Brazil can't defend the Amazon borders anyway, so what is the point of worrying about it?

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