Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Clinton wishes she could say - John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei -

What Clinton wishes she could say - John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei - "In fact, the Democratic race has not been especially rough by historical standards. What’s more, our conversations with Democrats who speak to the Clintons make plain that their public comments are only the palest version of what they really believe: that if Obama is the nominee, a likely Democratic victory would turn to a near-certain defeat. Far from a no-holds-barred affair, the Democratic contest has been an exercise in self-censorship. Rip off the duct tape and here is what they would say: Obama has serious problems with Jewish voters (goodbye Florida), working-class whites (goodbye Ohio) and Hispanics (goodbye, New Mexico). Republicans will also ruthlessly exploit openings that Clinton — in the genteel confines of an intraparty contest — never could. Top targets: Obama’s radioactive personal associations, his liberal ideology, his exotic life story, his coolly academic and elitist style. This view has been an article of faith among Clinton advisers for months, but it got powerful new affirmation last week with Obama’s clumsy ruminations about why “bitter” small-town voters turn to guns and God."
This is a good point. It seemed that she was going to unload on him in public but that really didn't materialize. If she has anything to say about Barack Obama's electability, and if she really wants to take the kitchen sink approach, I guess she had better hurry up and spit it out. Obama is on the verge of locking things up, and he just gave her a great opportunity with his ignorant, insensitive, and elitist smearing of Middle America for the amusement of his San Francisco wine-and-cheese liberal supporters. When you add that to Jeremiah Wright's ravings, plus Michelle Obama's blather about her lack of pride in her country (not to mention her whining about how tough life is for them on only a half million bucks a year), and toss in his association with UIC prof and former Weatherman Bill Ayers, the case can easily be made that he appears to be too far to the left to be elected. If Clinton is going to drop that bomb, I suppose the last ten days before the Pennsylvania primary would be a good time for it.

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