Sunday, April 27, 2008

Did you know your governor killed funding for the best Chicago anti-violence program?

. . .from the Illinois House of Representatives: FROM NOVEMBER 2007: "CHICAGO --- In the wake of several Chicago deaths attributable to gang violence in the last two weeks, a coalition of state representatives and anti-violence advocates announced the introduction of legislation that would restore state support for the CeaseFire anti-violence program and double its funding. Gov. Blagojevich eliminated the $6.25 million program that operated in 25 communities across the state, describing it as part of cuts he was making to “pork” and “non-essential spending.”"
Well, he did. The project is a proven success and had to lay off 25 field workers after the state cut off all funding. This happened in November 2007. And now how are things going in the streets? But notice that Mayor Daley is responding to the killing by raving about gun manufacturers, as usual, instead of pointing the finger at his connected machine crony, Blagojevich, who crippled the best anti-violence program in the state and maybe the nation.

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